GAD and its main causes

???GAD is a generalized anxiety disorder, a mental condition which makes a person constantly worry about job, family, health, financial issues, or have general feeling that something bad will happen. A person who suffers from this condition usually has no real reason to get an anxiety.
GAD is a common complaint of many people today. Women are more prone to this condition, still men also face it and have to live with it every day. ????When the worries become extreme, uncontrolled and overwhelming, they affect the routine life of a person, his/her everyday activities.
The symptoms of this condition are:
Concentrating on one thing which worries a person;
Having episodes of extreme anxiety or fear;
Feeling of constant stress and tension;
Problem with sleep, trouble falling asleep;
Headaches and fatigue;
Having physical pains: muscle pain, stomach pain;
Panic attacks.?????
Anxiety disorder usually develops gradually with the first signs appearing in the childhood or young adulthood.
It is supposed that GAD may be a family problem which a person may inherit from his relatives. It is not for sure known why people develop GAD. Scientists claim that modern hectic way of life, unhealthy lifestyle, diseases of the central nervous system and stress may be the factors which directly influence on a person’s ability to manage the fears and anxiety.

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