What is MDD?

MDD or Major Depressive Disorder is a medical health condition distinguished by one or more episodes of major depression. This condition differs from manic, mixed, or hypomanic states. The episodes of major depressive disorder are not caused by other medical condition, use of the medications or alcohol/drug abuse.
MDD requires proper treatment as the risk of suicide attempts is very high in people with this condition. About 15% of the patients attempt to hurt themselves or commit suicide.
There is a great rate for premature deaths in persons with this condition, especially in those who are over age 55.
The condition causes people to feel more pain and physical illness. It results in reduced physical activity, social life.
Pathology related to MDD:
The condition significantly enlarges the risk for other health conditions. It is often accompanied with alcoholism and abuse of illegal drugs.
Other conditions often diagnosed with MDD include:
•    Panic attacks;
•    Sleeping disorders;
•    Dysthymic disorder;
•    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder,;
•    Anorexia nervosa;
•    Bulimia nervosa;
•    Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder.
MDD condition requires medical treatment as soon as possible. The psychological therapy and other measures supporting a person with this condition may also be helpful.

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